Sunday, August 26, 2012

Protest, Bad Theology, and Petra... My Day at the RNC

Apparently there is a "Great Awakening" coming to America, and the RNC Faith and Freedom Coalition held a rally to inform God of this revival today. The rhetoric was very pro-Jesus and anti-Obama, but Romney was hardly even mentioned. Prayers were abundant that reeked of bad theology directed at a God made in the image of Ronald Reagan, that believes fetuses have full rights (unless they come out gay or become an immigrant), loves American exceptionalism, and hates gay marriage. Speakers featured Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly, Mike Huckabee and Texas U.S. Senate GOP nominee Ted Cruz. Here were some of the highlights...

The Protest
Seven were escorted out during a protest as Wisconsin Governor Rick Scott took the stage. A large sheet reading "Scott has a Koch Problem" was unfurled. They were greeted with chants of "USA, USA" and only given trespassing warnings. You can watch the police action at the one minute mark:

Heckuva Job, Cruz
Thanking God for Hurricane Isaac literally in the same moment that New Orleans declared a State of Emergency... yeah, that happened. In Texas GOP senate nominee Ted Cruz's defense, he was thanking God for sending a storm that kept Vice President Joe Biden from speaking in Tampa today. I'm sure the people in New Orleans will understand his humor 7 years almost to the day after the GOP forgot about them following Katrina.

Christian Zionist Prayer
You will notice the prominent place of Israel's flag stage left. All I could think about during this prayer was the suffering of the Palestinians. Here is the prayer... It is a great example of theological malpractice. I am posting the video just so you can believe these words were actually said in the name of Jesus.

"Our God and our Father, you are not the God of defeat. You are the God of victory and destiny. And you planted your foot, on this earth, on a piece of real estate, and you declared it to be Israel; yours and your people. And we as your spiritual descendants of Abraham, we lift up the physical descendants of Abraham and their nation. They're not occupying a piece of land; they own it, because you gave it to them. We pray supernatural protection from ALL of their enemies this day. May their enemies be scattered once again as they have so many times. And we pray that our nation stand with this nation during this critical period, fully aware that you will continue to bless he who stands with Israel. And so with one heart, this place, this day, we cry out for the peace of Jerusalem. In Jesus name, Amen.


"Rock Legend" John Schlitt from Petra
I'll leave you with this! And yes, he was actually introduced as a "rock legend" and we got to hear him sing. Here is the video and also a bonus video where he explains that Christianity is essential to the existence of this nation AND that if our christian nation didn't exist, how would the rest of the world know what following Christ looked like. You can't make this stuff up.

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